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Abstract art in acrylics by John Hewitt

Abstract art in acrylics by John Hewitt

I would like to welcome you to a site devoted largely to my work. 
I hope you do not feel intimidated by the idea and manifestations of abstract art. 
If you work on the basis of "what you see is what you get" with my work, 
you won't go far wrong.........
it is very approachable. 

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in any of the work. 
If you wish to make any comment please use the e-mail link. 
Many thanks..John

We're upgrading our website to new software, it'll take us a few days to have everything back online, so do visit again next week.

I do hope that my works of abstract acrylic art prove to be equally accessible to everyone. 
I see no value in creating any form of mystique 
around my paintings & artwork
They are my vehicle for communicating ideas, 
and I am harnessing the internet to bring them
to a wider audience who appreciate abstract art and art constructions.
I am trying to avoid projecting any pretentious impression, 
in the hope that people will feel comfortable looking at abstract art, in this way,hopefully to the point 
of wanting to purchase a piece of art ....or even two!
A selection of those abstract pieces, to which I still have access, 
can be found in the abstract art galleries 
If you click on the names under the thumbnails, 
you will be taken to full-screen versions of the paintings.
I specialise in abstract acrylic art constructions
My pieces of artwork do not have frames, they don't require them. 
Their unique shape and form is an instrinsic part of the art.
Please understand that I am a better painter than I am a photographer..
..and these Three-dimensional pieces are notoriously hard to photograph!

"Window Slide" Hard edged abstract 3D relief construction acrylic on wood by UK artist John Hewitt abstract acrylic art uk

"Window Slide"

Visit the abstract acrylic art gallery pages

Academic is a good description of the Fine Art course 
I studied, at the University of Reading,
with no vocational training given. 
In retrospect, I have found this to be an advantage, 
as it has given me the solid structure to relate to, 
both in my own painting and in my working life. 
I believe I passed on much of this philosophy to any 
students I taught, from 11 year olds to mature adults. 
"Quick fix" solutions in Art are just that, 
and offer no substance for the long term. 
I have been apprised of the success of this policy by reports from former students in their handling of their own careers. 
My specialist studies at university led me to develop 
my own peculiar style of work, 
which involves painting hard-edged abstract compositions on three-dimensional canvasses

I have exhibited in a number of places across the Uk and on the Continent.
I also have created "site-specific" pieces for board rooms in major companies, both here and in California.

Click on the Logos below for links to listings and directories for other artists as well as my site.

"Speaking Volumes" Abstract 3D relief construction acrylic on wood by UK artist John Hewitt abstract acrylic art uk

"Speaking Volumes"


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